Our team

At the very beginning of our friendship we could understand right away what would connects us all, it is passion for traveling, we love trying new things, exploring world, getting in different kind of adventures, learning new cultures. Knowing each other only for few months we already planned first trip to Morocco and now we’re exploring the Philippines.


                        Stanislav Stanislavsky

“My traveling story started about two years ago, when I realized that urban cities aren’t really for me, it’s too chaotic, I do prefer wild, untouched nature, that I have visited after.  Now I am freelancer, a little bit web-designer, illustrator, surfer and fitness addicted person.”

Diana Makarejeva

“Traveling is my biggest passion, I started to travel on solo at age of 15, since then I’ve been living in many Asian countries for some time, Philippines was one of countries on my list I’ve visited, and I feel in love in this country, nature of it took my heart, mind and soul away. I’m explorer and freelance model”



Artyom Gudanov

“I’ve always known that “normal life” is not for me, everything around was kind of hinting at me that it’s time to move, time to change, and basically it all started to change in 2017, and hear I’m with my suitcase packed and ready for new start, moving to Philippines. Free time I’m spending on making photos of nature and people.”