Mindoro – the untouched island on Philippines, in close proximity to Manila and the Island of Palawan, where Puerto Galera in East Mindoro – the popular tourist direction for diving, the beach and entertainments. If diving is what you look for Puerto Galera is where you have to go.

Within several hours of Manila, but it is still very far, Mindoro remains undeveloped even according to the Philippine provincial standards. The most part of the island are wild and rocky areas.

Most of travelers visit Mindoro only for beach rest, diving and night clubs around the picturesque town of Puerto Galera on the northern coast of East Mindoro, on a short trip on the ferry from Batangas, but the main thing is to watch all around the island and enjoy the island beauty.


To see/destinations:

• Sagang

• White beach

• Tamaraw falls

• About 32 beaches are found around Puerto Galera

• Lush Forests

• Tamaraw Falls

• Coral reefs

• Hidden valley

• Mangyan Village

• Alag Riverbank

• Talipanan falls


To do:

• Diving