The second largest island of the Philippine is the Mindanao. This is the southernmost of the major islands, it is markedly different from other parts of the Philippine land and natural conditions, and culture. About 40 nationalities inhabit the island of Mindanao. Population of the island is a large number of ethnic groups, whose religion is Islam.

Time in flight from Manila to Mindanao takes 1 hour 50 minutes.

Mindanao became famous to the world in 1972, when the first pages of the then newspapers and magazines filled the sensational news, when the island found the most backward on Earth tribe, whose name is tasadai manube.

The main activities of local residents – rice fields, fishing and, of course, tourism. The natural wealth of Mindanao The Republic of the Philippines began to develop in the 1990.

People who likes relaxing holiday come to the island of Mindanao for the sake of its exotic nature. In national parks and reserves you can walk for hours. It is even allowed to take and taste the overseas fruit. One thing, it is not so easy to get them, but the guests of the island do not upset it at all – on the local markets they offer about 500 kinds of various tropical fruits.

To see/destinations:

• Mount Apo

• Lake Bababu

• Naked Island

• Lake Sebu

• Lake Holon

• Maria Cristina Falls


To do:

• Water rafting

• Hiking