Luzon is the biggest and most populous island of the Philippines.  On this island are located two largest cities of the country – the capital city Manila and the most populated city of the Philippines – Quezon City.

Luzon is divided into 8 regions, each of which, in turn is divided into provinces: Ilokos, Cagayan, Valley, Central Luzon, Calabarson, Mimaropa, Bicalondia, Cordillera and the capital region of Greater Manila.

Luzon is washed by the South China Sea in the west and the Philippine Sea in the east. Not far from Manila Bay in the south of the island is Lake Laguna de Bay – the largest in the country and largest inland lake in Southeast Asia.

The main feature of the beaches on the island is the unusually white sand. The greenery of palm trees growing near the water, an unusual shade of azure sea and brilliant snow-white beaches create amazing color. The infrastructure is quite developed, but it is not destroying the extraordinary natural harmony and beauty.

Not only beaches are a source of attention, dive sites around the coast will province an opportunity to enjoy the contemplation of a beautiful underwater world. In the northern part are strong winds and big waves, here you can enjoy the surfing and windsurfing. In this part of the island this kind of outdoor activity is quite common.

To see/destinations:

•  Mount Mayon

• Banaue  Rice Teraces

• Apo Reef

• Pagsanjan Falls

• Bulusan Lake

• Lake Pandin

• Calaguas Beach


To do:

• Shopping

• Surfing

• Windsurfing

• Hiking

• Diving

• Climbing