The island of Bohol, surrounded by 70 small islands, is associated with the smallest monkeys on Earth. On the island and the satellite islands there are several resorts with excellent beaches, each of which offers a variety of water sports. Infrastructure is more developed than, on the island of Cebu, so Bohol is more suitable for divers, family or quiet romantic rest.

It is easy to get there by plane from Manila, it will take 1 hour of your time, or by ferry from Cebu island, it will take 1,5 hour.

Chocolate Hills – a unique phenomenon of nature located on Bohol island. 1268 hills of the same conical shape, on which only grass grows burnt by the end of summer to chocolate brown.

The weather here is rather unpredictable: at any time of the year, daily short rains can begin, and may be dry for several months in a row. However, in March-May, you can expect the least trouble.


To see/destinations:

• Chocolate Hills

• Hnagdanan Cave

• Alona Beach

• Panglao island

• Tarsier Conservation Area

• Mag-Aso Falls


To do:

• Diving

• Surfing

• Bike Tours

• Adventure Parks