It may not be known to many, but the Philippines does not only have amazing beaches and beautiful islands, it also serves as a home for glorious mountains and offers the best spots for hiking.  So if you’re a Filipino or a foreign tourist who would want to try hiking, be sure that you will enjoy it in Philippines, there is a long list of picturesque hiking trails, ranging in levels of difficulty. Highest mountain in Philippines is reaching 2956m.


Top destinations:

• Mt Balagbag (780 m above sea level)

• Mt Makiling (1,090 m~)

• Mt Batula 811m

• Mt Tibig 563m

• Mt Maculot 930m

• Mt pico de loro/ palay-palay 664m

• Mt gulugod baboy 470m

• Mt Manalmon 196m

• Mt daritan 739m

• Mt Talamita 630m

• Mt daguldol 672m

• Mt pulag 2,922m