As there are more than 7,107 islands it makes up the Philippines as one of the top places for diving, Philippines are as well known as the country with one of the longest coastlines in the world, ranking 5th overall. If you are in search of beautiful natural marine resources like picturesque coral architecture, colorful schools of fish, grey reef sharks, bat fish, turtles and list goes on.

You can five year-round in the Philippines, but there are three distinct seasons that affect dive conditions. December through March is the northeast monsoon that can bring strong winds. April through June is usually dry with warn days and little wind. July through November is the southwest monsoon, which is wet, but the water is warm.

Visibility can range from 5-45 meters. Nice warm water, varying between 23 – 30C, of course depending on area and season.


Top destinations:

• Tubbataha reefs natural park

• Cebu

• Bohol

• Boracay

• Puerto galera White water rafting

• Tabuk, kalinga

• Magdalena, Laguna

• Calbiga, Samar

• Davao

• Cagayan de Oro