The Cheapest Tropical Getaways

Tropical destinations are all the rage these days. You see people lying on sandy beaches across blue waters and literally filling up your newsfeed. It’s all over Instagram, and other social media and you want a piece of it.

You want the sun in your eyes, the sound of the sea and warmth in the air, while you just relax and take all of it in. But such a vacation can be heavy on your purse. It might be a little out of the budget, or you might think so anyway. So let me make it clear, you could still have such a vacation, but with a much lesser budget.

Puerto Rico

Google cheapest tropical destinations and I’ll bet you my mama’s cow that this will be there in all of their lists. It is perhaps the most underrated tropical destination in the world and easily one of the most cost effective there is.

While the country itself is in a stage of rebuilding, mentally and infrastructure wise, due to the 2017 hurricane, the beauty of the country is still untouched. Many of the places like Old San Juan and the Castello San Fellipe Del Morro are still the same pieces of gem it was.


Next on our list are the sandy beaches of Cuba. It was once the tropical destination for communist countries in the cold war age and still remains one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. And it will cost you less than going to your grandmother’s place!

It takes a bit of procedure to travel though. You need to qualify undere one of 12 categories to travel their and obtain a visa. The visa comes at a meager cost of $50 to $100


The Caribbean on any day is a tropical paradise. It has been so for generations now and Jamaica is its crown jewel, a jewel that doesn’t cost much either. You have heard of the stories of the Caribbean. Crystal clear waters, golden beaches and bright sun above, it is nothing if not paradise.

There is more to Jamaica than just lounging in the sun on sandy beaches. There are mountains like the Blue mountains and waterfalls that look out worldly. And it costs as little as a round trip to New York from LA.


India is already on the bucket list of lots of people and for good reason. The subcontinent is not only a good tropical destination but also a cheap one. And the country is more than just beaches and clear skies, it is a subcontinent.

A place where thousands of cultures mingle together and so do differing landscapes. There are mountains and hills, even desserts for the extremes among you.

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