4 Things You Shouldn’t miss on a Trip to Bali

Bali is a traveler’s paradise surrounded by forest volcanic mountain, beaches and coral reefs. The island is the home to Hinduism in the Muslim dominated country of Indonesia, with proudly boasts of temples, yoga and meditation sites. Despite having the reputation of being a cultural and religious center it has lively pubs, bars, and resorts. The popular resorts towns of Bali are Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua, etc. The beauty that Bali is enchanting and we have prepared a list of exciting things to do in Bali for people traveling there for the first time.


Ubud Market Tour

It is located in the opposite of the Ubud Royal Place and is the landmarks of Ubud. The market offers a variety of hand-woven items such as silk scarves, shirts, blouses, handcrafted bags and baskets, and other items like statues and decorative items. The market attracts tourists because it has scenes from the Eat, Pray, and Love starring Julia Roberts. The market opens at 8 am in the morning and vendors from the neighboring villages come early as 5 am to occupy the best spot. The main market close at 5 pm although some the stall remains open till midnight.  You can visit Tegallagang Rice Traces.

Tanah Lot

This temple sits in the low tide area sea and it offers brilliant offshore and sunsets views. Tanah Lot is the most iconic Hindu temple in Bali and gives visitors the opportunity to witness the temple structure and architectural works.  The site is surrounded by café, restaurants, shopping complexes, cultural parks, etc. at a distance of. Tanah Lot is located in the Beraban village of Tabanan regency. The sunshine views are very good and photographers can take those amazing sunset views here.

Mount Volcano Batur

These are the famous volcanic mountains of Bali, covered with dark lava slopes and black molten rocks. This hill is known for hiking activities, famously the morning treks and tourist. The sunshine views from the mountains are very beautiful and many tourists come just to see the sunrise. You can do night camping at Toya Bungkah which has a hot spring.

Ku De Ta

This place is famous for hosting beach parties and has a proper nightlife in case you’re a party animal. The beach club here is world-renowned for its parasol-shaded lawns and it hosts private parties and social events like fashions shows, concerts, etc. It also has it’s own international in house DJ team set by up local and international musicians.

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