What Makes Philippines So Special?

Philippines is the most largest and gorgeous collection of Islands in the world. The island has 7,100 islands filled with crystal clear water and white sands. The people in the place are very good and friendly, and have some unique authentic dishes to offer to the tourist. Philippines is culturally rich with beautiful and delicious all at once.

  • People – The Filipinos are the valuable asset of this place. They are so kind and their smile will surely make your heart melt. The care and respect which they show for tourist makes them very special. The locals show that without much money also, you can live a happy life.
  • Massages – The massage culture is very famous in Philippines. The rates are also cheap and the hands of the Filipinos are made for great massage, so you should surely try it.

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  • Tarsiers – It is the home to small primates in the world. Tarsiers are a mix of monkey and a bat, which are endangered species, but found in island of Bohol.
  • Diving Sites – It offers to dive through Sunken Japanese Ship Wrecks from WWII. Coron, Apo reef, Monad Shoal are also amazing diving sites.
  • El Nido – This is a little town on the island of palawan. The clear water and crowded jungle will leave you amazed and happy.
  • Volcanoes – The volcanoes due to their beauty, attract a lot of tourists towards Philippines. The place has 25 active volcanoes. The famous are: Mount Pinatubo, Taal and Mayon.

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  • Christian culture and architecture – The place was under spanish rule for 300 years, due tov which the culture is South American Asian.
  • Underground River – Puerto Princesa is currently in wonders of the world. You should have a visit here for sure, if you want to see something different.
  • 7.107 islands – The collection of beaches in this place is amazing. Every beach will have crystal clear water, giving you a soothing view. They are classified into 3 groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  • Cheap Markets – The local people have their own markets, which are very cheap, and also offer different authentic things of Philippines which will surely connect you to the place and the culture.

These all attractions are very few, once you visit the place, you will discover new things, because every traveler has a different story for the same place. We hope that this article has made you understand that why Philippines is so famous between the tourists. Pack your bags and leave to explore the best out of Philippines.


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