4 Things You Shouldnt miss on a Trip to Phillipines

The Philippines, located in South East Asia is a country formed by the collection of about 7,261 islands. The country is rich in biodiversity and natural occurrence. The country is divided into three major parts from north to south. The country is culturally rich and each region has its own tribe, who follows their own unique custom and traditions. But due to Spanish invasion and its rule, the majority of the people have some European influences in them. This makes it an interesting country to explore its vast multicultural and geographical gifts. When you think of making a trip to the Philippines you shouldn’t miss these things.

#Not Going To Manila

It’s the capital city of the Philippines. The city offers a mixture of Old Spanish Architectures and modern-day buildings. The famous San Augustus Church and Fort Santiago is located here. The city offers glimpses of historic and modern sites and there are hotels and restaurant located in Roxas Boulevard which gives an opportunity to witness Manila’s famous sunset.

#Not Visiting White Sand Beaches Of Boracay Island

It is located in the central Philippines. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands. It’s advisable to visit the island during the month of December to April. The major festival celebrated in the Island is Ati-Aithan (January ) which honors the birth of San Nino. If you want to witness white sands and palm beaches then Boracay island is a must-visit island.

# Not Scuba Diving In Cebu City

Cebu is a region in the Philippines comprising of Cebu City and 150 islands. The city has important historical structures like Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino Church and Fort San Pedro. Cebu City is a gateway to scuba diving and resorts. If you want to see turtles, sea whales, coral reefs and caves then it’s the place you shouldn’t miss when you visit the country.

#Not Visiting Chocolate Hills   Bohol

Bohol province is located in the central part of Philippines and it comprises of smaller islands and beaches. The famous Chocolate Hills are located in this region, which turns brown during the summer. Apart from that the island has many famous beaches and dives sites. And if you’re into jungle adventure then Rajah Sikatuna Land Scape, The Tarsier Sanctuary is a must-visit.

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