Reasons to Choose Philippines for Your Next Vacation

 Philippines is located in South Eastern part of Asia. It is an archipelagic country, consisting of about 7,641 islands recognized. They region is geographically divided into three parts i.e. Luzon, Visayas and Mindano. Manila is the biggest and the capital city of the Philippines. The country is surrounded by ring of fire so volcano, typhoon are common occurrence but it’s also blessed with natural resources. The country is full of breathtaking sites and places and makes it one of the most desired places. Here are top 5 reasons to visit Philippines.

  1. Budget Friendly- People who are tight on budget can choose Philippines as their next travel destination because when compared to Europe destination or any other Asian country it’s cheaper. You can survive a day on 20$ a day.
  2. Beaches and Island – There is abundance of beaches in the country. It’s estimated to have about 100 awesome beaches. You can visit these beaches and have that perfect vacation vibes. This makes Philippines one of the most desirable countries among the sea community.
  3. Country Sides – The country is a blend of both city life and country life. 50% of the country’s population now lives in urban areas. This is makes the rural places desirable because people didn’t leave the roots completely. Unlike some other countries where majority of the population in the rural areas. If you want to learn about the culture visiting the country side is must. So for people who like to explore new cultures it’s a highly recommended place.
  4. Festivals – There are seven major tribes in the Philippines which make it one of the most diverse countries. Since there is diversity, you’ll be able to witness festivals of different tribes. So pack up your bags and participate in those colorful and petrifying moments.
  5. Lovely People – Nobody likes to visit a country with bad or unwelcoming people. It’s our wish to visit a country and have flashbacks in our head about how well the place and people were. In this case the people are very friendly and easy going. So next time you decide to make plan for a vacation, Philippines should be your priority.

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